Eitminiškės Gymnasium

We have been commissioned by the Eitminiškės Gymnasium to carry out a project for the reconstruction of a science building and demolition of a residential building at Bažnyčios g., inEitminiškės village. The existing Eitminiškės Gymnasium building was reconstructed by expanding the total area from 844 m2 to 1635 m2. A new sports hall, two kindergarten….

Dariaus and Girėno st. 5, Birštonas

At the request of the Public Institution Birštonas Housing Energy Saving Agency, we carried out the modernization project of multi-apartment building at S. Dariaus ir S. Girėno g. 5, Birštonas. The aim of the project is to increase the energy efficiency of a multi-apartment building. Since the multi-apartment building was built in 1925, the repair….

Žeimenos gymnasium

Title: Major renovation project for a science building at Vilniaus G. 43, Pabradė Description: The aim of the project is to renovate the building of the Žeimena Gymnasium in Pabradė, to modernise the building in order to achieve a higher energy class, to renovate the interior of the building – to upgrade all the finishes,….

Stor Skälsjön 130/33 kV substation construction project, Sweden

For ENERCON GmbH, we completed the construction of the Stor Skälsjön 130/33 kV substation in Sweden. The 130/33 kV substation is designed to power the Stor-Skälsjön wind farm with a total capacity of 260 MW. Along with the substation project, the project of 130 kV 7 km L155 Stor-Skälsjön-Jenåsen was prepared.   Key indicators: Power….