We are one of the largest design firms catering to energy, construction, and infrastructure designs in both Lithuania and Northern Europe. Together with a large team of engineers, we have successfully executed over 8,000 projects.
Our expertise spans designing power networks, substations, renewable energy setups, edifices, infrastructure networks, public structures, city squares, and recreational spaces. We draft engineering topographic plans and provide other geodesy services, using BIM software to create complex, highly detailed three-dimensional and parametric BIM models.


Even with expert experience in each project, we are looking for modern, long-term and optimal solutions that meet the needs of modern society.


Our engineering team provides project development and management services based on BIM methodology for most phases of a building’s life: planning (S1-S2), design (S3-S4) and construction (S5-S6). In this way, we ensure cooperation between the different departments implementing the project and the fulfilment of the goals set by the client.

Using specialised, state-of-the-art and innovative BIM software, we create complex, highly detailed three-dimensional and parametric BIM models for the S3-S4 phases of a building’s lifecycle, across different project disciplines. These models are used to detail sustainable solutions, simulate them, generate quantities and perform various analyses. We are also developing initial BIM models of opportunity formation and variant design in the initial (S1-S2) life stages of the building for a quick and appropriate selection of solutions.

By choosing the implementation of the project according to the BIM methodology, our customers receive not only the results of the project that are understandable to everyone during the classic design, but also the developed BIM model of the building, which, in addition to significant information losses and additional resources, allows its results to be used in other stages of the life of the building.


Using modern equipment, qualified and experienced specialists carry out a wide range of geodetic surveys throughout Lithuania and Northern Europe. We also provide accurate high-resolution 3D laser scanning of areas and buildings.

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